Shatzalp workshop on induced seismicity

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Induced seismicity remains a major challenge for numerous geo-energy applications around the world and a fascinating research topic. The focus will  be on discussing the state of the art and future directions of all aspects related to induced seismicity. Special sessions are planned, for example, on lab and underground experiments, the Groningen experience, and the Pohang earthquakes. We also will explore the use of induced seismicity to understand earthquake physics and advance earthquake predictability research.


  1. Discriminating anthropogenic and natural earthquakes
  2. Social aspects of induced seismicity
  3. Induced seismicity from gas extraction & post-extraction reuse
  4. The Pohang ML5.4 earthquake
  5. Case studies: Geothermal / Mining / Dams / Others
  6. Advances in monitoring induced seismicity
  7. Modelling induced seismicity
  8. Physics of induced earthquakes
  9. Laboratory and deep underground lab experiments