Mikael Rinne

Research collaboration: Damage mapping around a deep high stress mine drift.

Mikael Rinne is Associate Professor of Rock Mechanics at Aalto University, Finland. His group is working on characterization of damage around deep high stress tunnels in hard and brittle rock. We are collaborating on the PhD project of Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan, where we will be using geophysical methods to map the damage around a deep drift in Vale’s Garson mine, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

At the experimental site, destress blasting has been used to induce damage and alter the behaviour of the rock mass. However, the effects of destress blasting have not been quantified in any detail and there is still controversy as to whether destress blasting has any effect on behaviour. Therefore, we wish to quantify the nature of both the in situ damage around the boundary of the drift, and that caused by the destress charges, by mapping the in situ rock properties around the drift and destress charge locations, in addition to complementary laboratory testing of core samples retrieved from the site.